Strategy Statement

Bicycle Queensland is a not-for-profit community organisation established for purpose of promoting bicycle riding.

Bicycle Queensland has been in existence for over 25 years and has significantly contributed to the improvement of the bicycle world in Queensland and is the leading bicycle organisation in the State.

Bicycle riding

  • Improves physical and mental health
  • Provides an efficient and cost effective means of transport for all
  • Is an environmentally-friendly activity
  • Is of significant economic benefit
  • Contributes to the development of a civil society

Riding is an intrinsic part of our world that is often undervalued, hence our continued and active championing and support.

Bicycle Queensland’s aim is to increase bicycle riding in all its forms, to realize these benefits for the whole community.


Bicycle Queensland’s vision is for:

  • A healthy and sustainable world where bicycle riding is a part of daily life


Bicycle Queensland is working towards the creation of this vision, by having:

  • More People Cycling More Often


Our goals direct how Bicycle Queensland will fulfill its mission.

1. Building support for bicycle riding

The core focus of Bicycle Queensland is to raise the profile and commitment to bicycle riding by:

  • Providing leadership on all bicycle matters
  • Developing and maintaining partnerships with anyone who can benefit from riding
  • Continuing to develop Bicycle Queensland’s credible and professional reputation

2. Priorities for improving bicycle riding

Bicycle Queensland will focus on these activities as strategic priorities:

  • Increasing the awareness of the benefits of riding
  • Advocating and influencing bicycle planning and infrastructure (build it and they will ride)
  • Influencing relevant areas of government policy and expenditure to improve the riding environment
  • Organising bicycle events
  • Growing and developing our membership

3. Healthy organisation

Bicycle Queensland will ensure that as an organisation it can:

  • Build capacity to meet its strategic goals
  • Be dynamic and responsive to challenges
  • Be independent and demonstrate integrity
  • Practice good governance
  • Value our people (members, staff, volunteers, management, all bicycle riders)
  • Be an employer of choice

4. Measure progress

Bicycle Queensland will ensure it is meeting its strategic goals to increase riding by:

  • Developing indicators that can measure changes in the bicycle world and the effectiveness of its activities
  • Regularly measuring these indicators to show the state of bicycle riding
  • Report performance against these measures
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