Brisbane Northside to the City

It seems that when bicycle infrastructure gets built, Councils and Governments always do the easy projects first.

The southern and western routes into the City have had other corridors to use (freeways, the river). The northside of Brisbane is a more challenging environment in which to design and retrofit a high-quality “spine” bikeway, and it has lagged way behind the southern and western routes.

State Government and BCC are working on the North Brisbane Bikeway, which will make it better for bike riders from Albion, Kedron, and perhaps eventually Chermside.

But the north-west route is still way below the standard which would attract new people to ride. The next major corridor for attention, we believe, should be Kedron Brook Road, which is fed by Uxbridge Street which connects to the Kedron Brook Bikeway, and in turn will link to Noble Street bridge at Herston. A high-quality bikeway along Kedron Brook Road would help every bike rider from Grange, Everton Park, and Mitchelton and out to Arana Hills, Ferny Grove and McDowall.

Also vital on the northside is the Kingsford-Smith Drive bikeway, which will be delivered as part of the road upgrade in that area. When it is complete, this will highlight the difficulties that bike riders have accessing the last kilometre to office destinations through the bike-unfriendly streets of Newstead, Fortitude Valley and Bowen Hills.


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