40km Ride Details

Date: Sunday 23 October 2022

Start location: Eleanor Schonell Bridge, St Lucia.

Start time: The 40km ride will commence from 6.15am and all riders must enter the tunnel before 6.30am

Pricing: From $59 – Full price list here.

Getting to the event

Ride in:

Direct access to the start site is restricted to bike riders only. 

Drop off

On Blair Drive UQ St Lucia (beside aquatic centre)

Drive and park at UQ (free on Sundays)

  • Along Sir William MacGregor Drive, UQ
  • UQ Centre Car Park (p10) off Union Road, UQ

Dutton Park Drop Off

Ensure you are dropped off a few Streets away from the Green Bridge Busway to avoid congestion. No vehicle access is permitted to the UQ Lakes bus stop side of the start site.

Getting home

The 40km ride will finish at the Oliver Sports Complex, Eagleby. The finish line will link in with rest stop 1 for the 100km ride.

Return to the Start site from your 40km finish site (Olivers Sports Complex) via an easy 3.3km ride to Beenleigh Railway Station.

Map from finish site to Beenleigh train station

Rider ID Packs

Rider ID packs contain a bike plate and twist tie to attach to your handlebars. Plates must be attached prior to arriving at the start site with your number clearly displayed. Please refer example below.

Additionally, if you:

  • Are a Bicycle Queensland member you will also receive a ride plate with the number in GREEN which indicates you are a Bicycle Queensland member.
Attaching your rider plate.

Course Information


Oliver Sports Complex, Eagleby

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