B2GC Training Plan & Resources

Thank you for joining us at this year’s Downer Brisbane to Gold Coast Cycle Challenge. Like anything we do, training is a critical part of preparation and success. We want to ensure everyone has the right resources to smash their goals and complete the challenge. This year, Anna from Grit Coaching has helped us develop a beginner and advanced training plan for participants to decide what suits their riding level best.

If you have some experience riding and/or training, you can probably head straight to the advanced plan, but if you’re newer and/or time-poor, the beginner plan will get you in tip-top shape for the event. Because of the nature of the B2GC and cycling in general, the plan prioritises aerobic conditioning and easier rides. For more info on principles of training and why it is structured this way head to the week one link here.

The advanced program has extra sessions per week that is optioned as a group ride or a slightly shorter intensity session. Because you have two days in a row it’s important that you recover well between these sessions.

For all riders, if you miss a session, no stress. You can move it along to a better day, but once again be wary of cramping together the harder or longer sessions. If you miss one and simply can’t make it up, it’s not the end of the world and won’t ruin the whole lead up.

All in all, this adventure is supposed to be fun, so individualise this to suit what gets you excited as much as possible! If that means planning the rides around your favourite coffee shops or most scenic routes, do it! Making it enjoyable is key to success and compliance, and after all, isn’t that why we ride bikes?

It’s time to pick your plan, gather your friends and start training!

* The training plan files are interactive once downloaded to your desktop device, the live link boxes will direct you to helpful resources and when hovering over certain boxes a note may appear to help with that training session.