When Is The Event?
New date – Sunday 23 October 2022.
Where Does The Event Start And What Time?
The 100km & 40km rides will start on the Eleanor Schonell Bridge (Green Bridge) which links Dutton Park to the University of Queensland, St Lucia. The start will be progressive with each speed category heading off at a different time. Approximate start times are as follows:

Sponsors and VIPS – 5.25am *
30km/h+ riders – 5.30am
25-30km/h riders – 5:45am
Below 25km/h riders – 6:00am
40km riders – 6.15am
Cut off for last entry into the busway is 6.30am

The 60km ride will start from the first rest stop in Logan at 7.30am* and immediately join the 100km route. Riders must depart the start by 8am

A map showing each start point can be found on the rider information page.

*Subject to change with final start times included in the rider pack (envelope)
Why Should I Participate In The Brisbane To Gold Coast Cycle Challenge?
This event is one of Queensland’s most iconic must-do rides. You will join thousands of like-minded riders to celebrate cycling and promote healthy and active communities.

You can also help raise much needed funds for an amazing new charity, Stronger for Longer.
What Happens If The Event Is Postponed Or Cancelled?
We will endeavour to reschedule the event rather than cancel.
In the occurrence of the Event being re-scheduled, we will transfer your entry fees to the re-scheduled date without penalty or additional fees. A minimum of 14 days notice will be given of the re-scheduled event date – please refer to the refund policy for more detail. Here

If the event is cancelled completely due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will be able to offer you the following options;
• Transfer your entry to the 2023 event.
• You can opt to transfer your registration fee directly to Bicycle Queensland to support our education and advocacy work and our mission of more people riding bikes more often.
How Are You Making This Event Covid Safe?
We have been working closely with Queensland Health and following all relevant processes to provide a safe event for all participating. We will continuously monitor the COVID19 situation and follow all Public Health Advice.
The following measures have been put in place for this year’s event to ensure it is safe & fun for everyone including:
• Separate start and finish venues
• Encouraging social distancing across the course
• Increased cleaning, hygiene, and handwashing facilities
• Increasing the availability of hand sanitizer for all participants, volunteers and contractors
• Offering COVID safe activities and entertainment
• Collecting participant details for contact tracing
• Increased medical teams across the course
What can you do as the participant?
• Stay home if unwell (cough, fever, sore throat, fatigue, shortness of breath, loss of smell or loss of taste, diarrhea & or nausea)
• Stay home if you are required to be isolating by the Government due to a positive test result for COVID19, being a close contact of someone with COVID19 or waiting for a test result.
• Maintain social distancing (1.5m between yourself and others)
• Wash your hands regularly
• Please bring a facemask and use it when you are unable to social distance.
Tell Me About The Course
The 100km ride will begin on the Green Bridge (Eleanor Schonell) linking Dutton Park and the University of Queensland in St Lucia before embarking on an uninterrupted traffic-free start along the South East Busway for 15kms taking you all the way out of Brisbane. After exiting the Busway the course then follows a combination of service and suburban roads all the way to the Fisherman’s Lawn at Southport on the Gold Coast with a couple of rest stops in between.

The 60km Logan to Gold Coast ride begins at Oliver Sports Complex, Eagleby. It is also the site of the first rest stop for the 100km riders. The 60km riders will immediately join the 100km riders & also finish at Fisherman’s Lawn.

The 40km Brisbane to Logan ride begins with the 100km riders, following the same course to the 1st rest stop in Logan.
How Do I Know Which Way To Ride?
All courses are well signed so you do not need to worry about directing yourself. Signs are erected in every instance where you need to turn, but are not necessarily placed at every single intersection, so if you see no sign then continue straight ahead.

On some corners there are also police, traffic controllers and/or volunteer marshals to direct riders. While it’s tempting to do, please do not make the mistake of blindly following riders in front of you as there may be non-event riders on the roads who are not necessarily following the event signs.
Is The Course Flat?
The course is mostly flat (less than 450 metres of climbing over 100km) with only a few inclines along the way. It is suitable for people with a moderate level of fitness.
Is It A Race?
No, it is a mass participation ride from Brisbane to the Gold Coast. There are no pace setters or prizes for finishing first and competition of any sort is strongly discouraged for safety reasons. Please ensure you ride to the conditions and follow Qld road rules
Will There Be Rest Stops Along The Way?
There are two official rest stops along the route with water, food, toilets, sunscreen, first aid and mechanics.

Rest Stop 1 – Oliver Sports Complex, Eagleby at approx. 40kms (start site of the 60km ride & finish of the 40km).

Rest Stop 2 – Coomera State School, at approx. 80kms
Can I Bring Personal Refreshments?
It is recommended all riders bring two filled water bottles with them for the start of the ride. Free food items will be served at rest stops. Riders with special dietary requirements or allergies are encouraged to bring their own food supplies.
Are There Toilets On Course?
Toilets are located at the start, at rest stops and the finish site. There are also other public toilets along the course.
Will Medical Help Be Available On Course?
Medical support is available at the start, all rest stops, at the finish site and mobile along the course. Medical conditions that may affect you during the event should be clearly detailed on the reverse of your rider plate, including emergency contact details. Course officials are located at regular intervals and should be notified if you have any difficulties during the event.
Is The Route Cleaned In Advance Of The Event?
Bicycle Queensland works closely with the councils of Brisbane City, Logan City and the City of Gold Coast to ensure that roads along the route are in as good a shape as possible. Several route trips are made and great care is taken to fix potholes, clean glass and debris from the route in advance of event day. In saying that, it would be impossible to remove every single piece of debris – and some can appear on the day itself – so be attentive and take great care when you are riding the route, and make sure you have a spare inner tube on hand in case you do get a flat.
Where Do I Go To Start? How Do I Access The Start (100km Riders)
For those riding 100km, you will start on the Green Bridge linking Dutton Park to the University of Queensland, St Lucia. All speed categories will line up across the bridge in the following order -> red 30kph+ -> orange 25-30kph -> blue <25kph. There will be marshals and signage on the day to direct you to your starting zone.
Where Do I Go If I Am In The VIP/Sponsor Start Area?
The VIP/Sponsor start zone is on the Green Bridge, Dutton Park. Access can be gained from either side of the Green Bridge and then making your way towards the inflatable start arch. Access to this area is limited to those with a silver “VIP” bike plate. Volunteer marshals will be in place to assist with this – they cannot make exceptions on the day. If your company is an event sponsor and you have not received a grey bike bib, contact your workplace event coordinator directly to enquire about the availability of company entries – Bicycle Queensland is not responsible for allocating these.
Where Does The Event Finish?
The ride finishes at Fisherman’s Lawn Marine Parade (Gold Coast Hwy) in Southport. It is just across from the North Street, Southport.

The 40km event will finish at Oliver Sports Complex.
When Will My Rider ID Envelope Be Posted?
Riders who enter by the postage cut-off date of June 12th, will automatically be sent their rider envelope in the mail.

Riders who enter after the postage cut-off date will need to collect their rider envelope from the listed pick up locations and dates closer to the event.

If you are not able to collect your rider envelope, someone may do it on your behalf.
How Do I Get To Brisbane?
A train has been chartered to get you from the Gold Coast to the start site for a 5.30am start.
You will receive a specific wristband for entry to this service, which must be worn to board and while on the train.
Your bike travels with you on the train. The train will depart Varsity Lakes and stop at Nerang, Coomera and Beenleigh stations, before arriving at Dutton Park.
How Do I Get Back To Brisbane?
Return buses will be running approximately every half hour from 10.30am – 1.30pm from Fisherman’s Lawn to Brisbane on event day. This ticket also includes transporting your bike back to Brisbane (on a truck that runs in tandem). Purchase of bus transport tickets can be made during registration – please note you will not receive a physical ticket before the event, these are collected on the day at the finish site.  Bus tickets sale close on Wednesday 13 July limited standby tickets are available at the finish line.

You can ride approx 10kms from the finish site to the Helensvale Train Station and hop on the train back to Brisbane.  These train services are normal Translink train services – please check the Translink Journey Planner for train times Journey planner | TransLink
Do You Offer Refunds?
If the Rider wishes to withdraw from the Event they must do so in writing (via email) to Bicycle Queensland before midnight Tuesday 17th May 2022. Rider identification envelopes and included merchandise received before this date must be returned to Bicycle Queensland before the Event in order to receive any refund. The following cancellation policy will apply:

• A 50% cancellation fee will be incurred if the Rider withdraws before Sunday 21 August 11.59pm.

• No refund with be offered if a rider withdraws after Sunday 21 August 11.59pm.

• No refund will apply to pre-paid team entries that remain incomplete when last minute entries close.

Full details on refunds can be found in the Events Terms & Conditions.
What If It Rains?
Riders should be prepared for all possible weather conditions.

We will be in close contact with the Bureau of Meteorology to monitor the weather in the lead up to and on event day.

Bike tyres and tubes are more vulnerable to damage if the roads are wet. We will have support vehicles out on course with bike mechanics to help riders out in any conditions, but with thousands of people participating in this event, it may take some time for us to get to you.

If the conditions are deemed unsafe to conduct the event we will look to postpone the event to another weekend. All participants will be contacted via SMS if the event is postponed or cancelled and we will post a message on the event website and via social media.  Please refer to our FAQ regarding options of postponement or cancellation.
Baggage Transfer/Cloakroom
A baggage transfer service will be available at the start site at UQ Lakes Station, Green Bridge Busway, St Lucia for a $5 donation to our benefiting charity. This service will be open from 5am. Reclaim your gear at the finish site from 10:00am-1:30pm.

Please note – there is no cloakroom at the 60km start site.
Is There A Minimum Age Requirement?
The following points are from the event Terms & Conditions:
Children not pedalling but being carried by a parent or guardian do not need to enter or pay a fee, but will not receive a rider kit or merchandise. Riding in a trailer or child seat is permitted.
Children under 14 or 14 at the time of the Event must not pilot their own bike. Riding on a tandem rear or tagalong is permitted.
Persons aged 15 at the time of the Event may pilot their own bike, but must be accompanied by an adult guardian at all times.
Persons aged 16-17 at the time of the Event do not need to be accompanied by an adult guardian during the Event, but require the consent of their parent or guardian to participate.
Are There Course Cut-Off Times?
Riders must be able to maintain an overall average speed of 17km per hour. Approximate course cut-off times are as follows: * Subject to change without notice.
Busway Entrance (Green Bridge Busway, Dutton Park) – 6.30am (0.1km)
Busway Exit (Eight Mile Plains) – 7.30am (15km)
Rest Stop 1 (Logan) – 9.45am (40km)
Rest Stop 2 (Coomera) – 12.00pm (80km)
Finish Site (Fisherman’s Lawn Southport) – 1.30pm (100km)

The SAG wagon (sweep bus) will follow the last rider. If you have not made the above cut off times you will be asked to board the SAG wagon to be driven to the next location to continue the ride. If you do not wish to board the bus then you will be required to hand your rider plate to the bus driver as you will no longer be part of the event and will not be supported in any way. This is a requirement of the Queensland Police Service and Bicycle Queensland.
Am I Insured While Riding?
Please note that entry into this event does not include Bicycle Queensland membership, and does not automatically include insurance coverage. Participants must take out Bicycle Queensland membership, hold their own bicycle ridering insurance or purchase the one-day membership for the event.

Bicycle Queensland members are covered for personal injury and third-party liability insurance. This means if you damage yourself, someone else or their property while out riding – including on the Brisbane to Gold Coast Cycle Challenge – then as a member you’re covered (conditions apply). Check out www.bq.org.au/join for a list of benefits.
What Is Parking Like At The Start & Finish?
Please see the ride information Sheets for parking and transport information.

Pre-ride parking:
Drive in and park at one of UQ’s multi-story car parks or find suitable on street parking close to the Green Bridge. P10 – UQ Centre car park (Union Rd) is the closest multi-story car park to the start line. Parking restrictions and fees along Sir William MacGregor Drive only apply Mon-Fri at time of writing. Check local parking regulations before making your plans.

Please also refer to the Brisbane City Council website if you’re planning to park on the street outside of UQ.

Post-ride parking:
Please note there is no parking at the Fisherman’s Lawn finish site but there is City of Gold Coast parking spaces on surrounding streets and along the Gold Coast Highway. Please refer to City Parking –  – for parking meter information and be sure to check signage before parking. No parking is allowed on grassed areas.
What Is Ride Etiquette?
In the interest of providing a safe and enjoyable event experience for all participants, cyclists should be mindful of ride etiquette:
• Keep to the left to allow passing cyclists to overtake on the right
• Do not ride more than 2 abreast.
• Do not stop or change directions suddenly.
• Do not double back on the course.
• Always follow the directions of all ride officials and emergency service personnel
• Obey all road rules – Click Here for the latest road rules
Should I Get My Bike Serviced?
Yes, just like your car your bike should be regularly serviced.  To not only make sure it safe but also to increase the value of your bicycle. Check your bike in for a service with one of our BQ recommend partners https://bq.org.au/bike-store-locator/
Who Is The Charity Partner In 2022?
Stronger for Longer is an initiative to raise money for precision treatment for prostate cancer.  Prostate cancer is the most diagnosed cancer in Australian males. It affects one in seven Australian men in their lifetimes and is the third most common cause of cancer death. All money raised from the event will go to Queensland based researchers at QUT.

We hope to beat the outstanding effort from B2GC participants in 2021 as they raised over $100,000.
How Do I Create Or Join A Fundraising Team?
Easy! If you would like to create or join a team click here , from there follow the on-screen prompts. You can also opt to fundraise during registration, & will be sent an email from Go Fundraise to help you complete your account. During registration you can also make a one-off donation as well.
How Do I Start Fundraising?
All fundraising is online this year. You can set up your own fundraising page via the GoFundraise website. Just click here to create a fundraising page. After you have created your page you can share it with your friends and family and start fundraising. When you create your fundraising page please make sure you use the same first name, last name and email address as you did during the registration process.
I Need Help With My Fundraising Page.
GoFundraise can help you with any questions you have about your fundraising page. You can contact their support team 7 days a week on 1300 889 272 or at support@gofundraise.com.au . You can also visit the GoFundraise Help Desk which includes ‘how to’ articles and FAQ’s.
Is There A Minimum Fundraising Amount?
There is no minimum fundraising requirement for people to participate in the ride. Riders can choose to make a one-off donation during the registration process to the Stronger for Longer campaign or create a fundraising page once they’ve entered the event.