Chicks Who Ride Bikes Breakfast – Climb Every Mountain

28 February 2019 QLD

CWRB Breakfast – Climb Every Mountain

The path to success is never straight, and those one percenters, the marginal gains, all the small things, they add up to make the difference between suc​ceeding or not. ​Whether you’re striving for success in your professional life, wanting to get out and do epic sh*t in your personal life or setting lofty goals for the bike, this event is a chance to get inspired for 2019!

Hosted by Olympian and commentator Katey Bates, join us for a hot breakfast and coffee to meet some like minded peers and hear from a panel of legends, ​including Chief Chick Jordana Blackman, Aussie cycling hero Loren Rowney and Media guru Jane Aubrey.

They’ll share the ups and downs of their life and career, and share their strategies to tackle every challenge, embrace the stumbles, and come out on top.​.. or at least come out with a smile on their face and some good stories to tell!

Thursday 28th February, 7am – 8.30am | The Ship Inn, Sidon Street, South Brisbane

Tickets $43.29 – $53.84 (early bird sale ends 8th February!)

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