Fix Your Ride

Ever blown an inner tube or dropped your chain when you’re 15kms from home and a long way from help? BQ Is here to help!

Next Workshops

We are taking a break over winter, but will be back in the second half of the year with some more workshops!

BQ hosts regular bike maintenance workshops throughout the year. We’ll teach you some easy and expert tricks for tuning your bike to ensure it runs smooth, is safe, and reliable, and you’re ready for anything the road can throw at it. All workshops cover road, mountain, e-bikes & hybrids, so be sure to bring yours along for the ride!

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Beginner Workshop 

This course is designed for cyclists who would like to learn how to maintain the basics of their bike & do quick repairs when you need it the most (hello flat tyre!). Whether you’ve just bought your first bike, would like to educate your children or on your 5th bike, this workshop will cater for you! Led by a professional bike mechanic & with the assistance of BQ staff, by the end of the workshop you will be more confident rider and be able to make small adjustments to avoid costly repairs.

Skills covered in the (2) two-hour course include:

  • Basic anatomy of your bike
  • 5 things to check before a ride (safety inspection)
  • How to fix a flat tyre
  • Change a tube
  • Repair a puncture
  • Clean your bike (Chain, what equipment to use etc)
  • Essential tools for maintenance

Intermediate Workshop

This course is designed for those wanting to dive deeper into the mechanics of your machine. Numbers for intermediate workshops are limited to 10 to ensure everyone receives the necessary support.

Skills Covered in the (2) hour intermediate workshop include:

  • Chain and cassette removal
  • Changing a gear cable
  • Tuning your gears
  • Brake adjustments
  • Derailleur adjustment & any special requests.

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“As a result of the course, I successfully replaced the brake pads, brake cables and gear cables on my wife and my bike over the weekend. This is something that I have been thinking about doing for the last 5 years but didn’t have the knowledge or courage.” – Sam