24/7 Incident Debrief Service

Our Incident Debrief Service provides psychological support for those affected by road trauma or other cycling-related incidents and crashes.

The 24/7 phone-based service is available on-demand and provided by one of Australia’s leading critical incident assistance providers, OAS.

The service provides cyclists with the opportunity to process any distress and psychological trauma by connecting with experts who understand the immediate and ongoing impacts of a traumatic experience.

Our aim is to ensure cyclists have the support they need to get back on their bikes with confidence, as soon as they feel ready.

The service is available to all Bicycle Queensland members, and their loved ones, and is primarily available for members in the two weeks following an incident, to ensure we support people in acute stress and prevent the likelihood of post-traumatic stress occurring.

We value the mental health and wellbeing of all road users and are pleased to be able to offer this vital service to our members Australia-wide.

The service includes a consultation of up to 60 minutes, with recommendations for referral to specialised services as appropriate.

For more information or to access the service during business hours, please phone our team on 3844 1144 or email us via bqinfo@bq.org.au.

To access the service after-hours, please phone 1300 55 40 11 and provide your membership number, or contact us via Facebook Messenger for more information.

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