Bikes only on the Moggill Ferry for GBBR

February 6th, 2017

After listening to all the valued feedback from last year’s participants, Bicycle Queensland has been working with Translink and Moggill Ferry on the ferry crossing issue for months and have reached a fantastic outcome:

  • Exclusive ferry use for the morning of the event for riders only
  • No cars, trucks or motorbikes going across or on the return leg either
  • An increase in riders per trip (and we are working on raising this number further)
  • Our best estimates are there will be minimal queuing – except for when riders arrive and just miss the ferry departure. But, the trip turnaround is only 10 minutes.
  • We’ve upgraded the ferry crossing to an official rest stop, complete with a mobile coffee shop, water, toilets and a free sweet treat. So any short wait will be short and sweet!
  • The loading process has also been overhauled by creating a priority loading system, ensuring all riders the shortest wait possible.
  • Motor traffic will be advised well in advance of the closure and on-the-day diversions will be in place.
  • Not only will this mean a really quick ferry trip for the riders, with just a small (welcome!) break at peak times, but there will be far less traffic on Moggill Road. So it’s a win-win!

Bicycle Queensland CEO Ben Wilson is wrapped about securing this great deal in time for entries opening on February 8.

“We are looking forward to delivering a much improved GBBR in May this year and are thrilled to have Translink and the Moggill Ferry’s support for the long haul 110km riders,” Mr Wilson said.

“Exclusive use of the ferry means a quick easy car-free river crossing – a short but welcome break in this long and challenging event. After 70km and plenty of hills – most will need it!”

See you on Sunday May 7 for the best GBBR yet!

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