Light up for safety

April 24th, 2017

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The days are getting shorter quite suddenly and statistics show the worst time for cycle crash incidents are the morning and evening dawn/dusk failing light periods when many of us are out training or commuting to work. So do what you can to make your commute safer by being well lit and wearing visible clothing with reflective elements.

Riders can be legally complying with light requirements but still be poorly lit in terms of real traffic or bikeway conditions. The minimum light requirements are for front and rear lights to be visible from 200 metres away. Combined with dark clothing and in ever increasing traffic volumes in the early mornings and evenings, it is not a safe scenario.

BQ urges members to act intelligently with their cycling. So be well lit and brightly attired. But critical to this is behavioural risks. Rider speed has a lot to do with their visibility in crucial situations, so when riding in poor light, even if well lit, make extra allowances for drivers’ perception failure (aka “SMIDSY”!). Expect the unexpected, ride to the conditions and ease off in congested and vulnerable situations.

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