Moggill Road safety study

June 30th, 2017

Minister for Main Roads and Road Safety Mark Bailey has announced an eight-month study into how to improve cycling conditions on Moggill Road.

“Moggill Road forms part of the Principal Cycle Network to the west of Brisbane and there have been a number of incidents along this corridor,” Mr Bailey said.

BQ welcomes this study which will explore short and long-term options to improve safety for cycling along this major commuter corridor and examine safer alternative cycling connections to the Centenary Bikeway from the western suburbs of Brisbane.

BQ chief executive officer Ben Wilson said while the Centenary Bikeway is a great cycling asset, access via Moggill Road remained dangerous.

“We’ve had two fatalities in the past six years – both absolute tragedies.”

“It’s a really important link but it’s in a terrible condition for riding bikes.

“It’s a really tough situation because like a lot of Brisbane roads it’s very old and narrow, and was built in the days when Brookfield was a farming community.”

BQ hopes that findings from the study are put into practice promptly.

“There won’t be easy solutions, but that is no reason to not act. There are immediate improvements that could be made.

“We look forward to participating in the Moggill Road review to finally get some strategic planning into making it a safer road to cycle on, and we want some improvements to be implemented sooner, not later.”

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