Reporting buses

July 18th, 2017

Many members contact BQ regarding complaints with buses.

In Brisbane, council advises riders who wish to lodge a complaint relating to a bus should contact Translink directly. This then commences an investigation process into the reported incident.

It’s best for the rider to capture as many details as possible to pinpoint the location and driver involved. Ideally that includes the bus’s registration number, fleet number (written in large letters in several locations on the bus, starts with a letter then followed by 3-4 numbers – see image above) as well as the time and location of the incident.

Riders can contact Translink on 13 12 30 or online via

In other Queensland towns, we advise riders to get similar details if they exist, particularly the bus route, numbers and registration, then record the bus direction of travel and location. Send those details to your council inquiries hotline. Few councils don’t have a customer service focus these days.

We appreciate bus drivers do a hard job dealing with people in buses and other road users, and we hope riders are fair and considerate. But when drivers threaten bike riders, it is very wrong and dangerous so BQ encourages you to make a report.

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