Active travel kicks car butt

November 29th, 2017

Active School Travel Awards Celebration 2017

The highly successful Brisbane City Council’s Active School Travel Awards night encapsulated a real behaviour change success story, with school principals, teachers, P&Cs and parents hollering in delight at their schools success in getting more kids travelling more sustainable by active travel.

The Brisbane program has spread successfully to the Gold Coast, Ipswich and now the Sunshine Coast, and is a success story in empowering schools to challenge their students and parents on how they arrive at school.

Deputy Mayor Adrian Schrinner spoke passionately about the need to curb the traffic generation around school drop-off time through active travel, and for thousands of young primary school students, this choice has been adopted as a lifelong learning choice.

BQ congratulates council and all participating schools – and the many new schools who have taken up the challenge to ‘change the way they move’ (apologies City of Gold Coast for stealing your excellent slogan!).

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