Additional comments on Presumed Liability Laws

March 1st, 2018

From: Anne Savage
Sent: Thursday, 1 March 2018 6:43 AM
To: Chris Honnery
Subject: Presumed Liability Laws

Hi Chris,

Let me know if you have time for a chat this morning about the presumed liability story on page 9?

I respect Paul’s comments and understand the RACQ’s position. Is the adjective ‘bizarre’ in your lead par a paraphrase? I just wanted to check before I call him this morning. The headline is also a quote (‘crazy’), can you please let me know who you guys were quoting? No big deal, I just want to check my own assumptions.

My additional comments below for the Courier Mail’s online article:

“The default position of motor vehicle insurance companies in any accident is to deny liability, so I can understand the RACQ’s rejection of presumed liability laws.

“Under presumed liability laws, those who stand to lose the most are law firms and insurance investigators.

“The overall costs of claims and payouts, and the time taken to settle payouts, would in all likelihood decrease.

“With all due respect to the RACQ, we would welcome sensible discussion about presumed liability laws and how these laws could benefit all Queenslanders.

“Many other advanced countries have successfully introduced presumed liability laws – they are worthy of our consideration and would go a long way to improving road safety and ending the tragic death toll of road crashes.”



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