BQ backs new anti-theft campaign for bikes

January 31st, 2019

Deputy Premier and Member for South Brisbane Jackie Trad and Minister for Police and Minister for Corrective Services Mark Ryan MP joined police officers from West End and Bicycle Queensland today to launch a new initiative aimed at increasing bicycle security.

Officers from West End have launched a webpage on their local myPolice site, entitled West End Serial Hub, that will allow bike owners to enter their bicycle serial number and receive a copy of it via a QPS email.

The West End Serial Hub encourages bicycle owners to keep a permanent record of the email so that if their bike is ever lost or stolen they can use the email as a reference for their serial number and provide this to police.

This provides police with an increased potential to return located bikes to their owners by matching the serial numbers.

Many bike owners are unaware their bicycle contains a unique serial number that identifies their bike. This serial number is usually located under the bottom bracket where the two pedal cranks meet or can be in places such as the headset or the rear stays.

This initiative encourages people to locate and keep a record of their serial number, so they have an increased chance of their bike being reunited with them should it ever be stolen or go missing.

Ms Trad said that the initiative will reduce bike theft in the area and encourage commuters to consider cycling to work.

“Cycling is a healthy and green alternative to driving to work, and this initiative means bike owners can feel a bit safer about locking their bike up in public,” she said.

“South Brisbane is perfect for this initiative because of how close it is to the city. If there’s more bikes then there’s less traffic, and that’s great for our local community.”

Minister Ryan said the initiative, which was developed by local officers, was an excellent example of the QPS initiating and implementing crime prevention solutions that would benefit local communities.

“The West End Serial Hub demonstrates the creative solutions that our local officers are implementing to help target and reduce crime at the local level,” Minister Ryan said.

“I encourage residents in the West End and South Brisbane area to take advantage of this new initiative and I look forward to seeing similar projects rolled out at the local level into the future.”

Bicycle Queensland CEO, Anne Savage, commended the scheme.

“The West End Serial Hub is the first of its kind anywhere in Australia – delivering back to the local cycling community and responding to an increasing number of bicycle thefts around Queensland.

“We’re proud to support the officers of West End in delivering this package and hope to see it rolled out in other areas soon.”

Police continue to encourage bike owners to ensure they secure their bike at all times.

Click here to access the West End Serial Hub.

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