Light Rail set to deliver boost for Broadbeach to Burleigh cycleway

February 19th, 2019

Riding a bike from Broadbeach to Burleigh is about to get a whole lot safer, following Gold Coast City Council’s approval of a major upgrade to the existing cycleway.

The upgrade will include the on and off-road cycling tracks along Old Burleigh Road, Hedges Avenue, Albatross Avenue, and the Oceanway at Miami.

Bicycle Queensland CEO, Anne Savage, backed the decision.

“This is a major win for both cyclists and drivers on the Gold Coast – it will reduce congestion and traffic crashes and keep cyclists safe,” she said.

“Enhanced and connected cycleways will help to ease the fear of traffic which so often stops people from cycling on the Gold Coast.

“With upgraded cycleways, we can easily double the number of people cycling, getting cars off our pristine esplanades and making prime community space safe for everybody, including our children.

“We are pleased to see the council recognise that the number of crashes on the existing cycleway is unacceptably high, at almost double the number on the Gold Coast Highway.

“With 333 serious injury crashes over a 10-year period, Hedges Avenue has among the highest rates of casualty of any region in Queensland – highlighting the significant risk of conflicts between cars and bicycles due to the narrow road reserve, poor and non-existent separation of traffic, and high volumes of cyclists and walkers.

“We must be more accountable for keeping people safe on Gold Coast streets. Bicycle Queensland commends the council’s decision and looks forward to seeing the upgrades completed by later this year.”

Enhancements to the Coastal Principal Cycle Route will include:

> upgraded cycle lanes on Old Burleigh Road between Margaret and Hedges Avenue,

> upgrade of Hedges Avenue on-road cycle lane and eastern pedestrian footpath,

> upgrade of Albatross Avenue on-road cycle lane,

> widening of the Oceanway off-road shared path through Thorn Park, Miami from 3.5 metres to 5 metres wide,

> construction of a new on-road cycle track along Hythe Street and Kelly Avenue (connecting to an upgraded cycle track on Gold Coast Highway), and

> widening of the Oceanway off-road shared path adjacent to the Esplanade, Burleigh Heads from 3.5 metres to 6 metres wide.

The detailed design will deliver:

> a major improvement to the level of cycle provision on the Coastal Principal Cycle Route along Hedges Avenue, Albatross Avenue, Marine Parade and the Esplanade,

> a solution to address the crash risk and identified hot spots along Hedges Avenue, Albatross Avenue, Marine Parade and the Esplanade, and

> a solution to cater for existing and future demand for cycling.

The project has been approved to help make way for Stage 3A of the Gold Coast Light Rail project, and will be jointly funded by the local, State, and Federal Governments.

“Our hope is that new and refreshed Gold Coast cycleways will bring our beachside hubs back to life, providing a healthy travel corridor that is accessible to people of all ages and abilities,” Ms Savage said.


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