E-Bikes on Bicycle Queensland Events

With the increasing popularity of legal E-Bikes, Bicycle Queensland welcomes their use on its events and will provide support for them in line with the following policy.


Bicycle Queensland supports the use of E-Bikes on the following mass-participation events:

  • Great Brisbane Bike Ride
  • Cycle Queensland Adventure Tour
  • Brisbane to Gold Coast Cycle Challenge
  • Yarraman to Wulkuraka – A Brisbane Valley Rail Trail Adventure

However, E-Bikes are not permitted on designated ‘challenge’ events, nor are they eligible for any prizes associated with the Coot-tha Challenge as part of Great Brisbane Bike Ride.

Type of Bike

The largest capacity E-Bike that can be used is one that complies with the current legal maximum for a legal motorised bicycle in Queensland. There are two types of legal motorised bicycles as per set out by the Queensland Government:

  • A bicycle with an electric motor capable of generating no more than 200 watts of power.
  • A ‘pedalec’- a bicycle with an electric motor capable of generating up to 250 watts of power, but the motor cuts out at 25km/h and the pedals must be used to keep the motor operating. (For full details please visit the Queensland Government website – www.qld.gov.au/transport/safety/rules/wheeled-devices/bicycle (see motorised bicycles)).

E-Bikes that are required to be registered, are not permitted on the event as they are considered to be motorcycles.

On-Road Support

Bicycle Queensland will support E-Bikes through our standard on-road support systems, with the exception of the following:

  • E-Bikes of more than 12kg are not able to be lifted by our on-road support teams onto SAG Trailers – to assist with this, it is recommended that removable battery pack E-Bike styles be used
  • Bicycle Queensland makes no guarantee that on-event mechanical providers will be able to provide support to E-Bikes in the event of mechanical failure
  • While BQ does its utmost best to transport bicycles carefully, BQ accepts no responsibility for accidental damage to any bike (including Ebikes) in our care


Battery recharge facilities will be provided at multi-day events on overnight campsites only.

  • Charging facilities will only be available during designated hours that will be advertised, prior to and during an event. Charging will not be available outside the normal hours.
  • Charging facilities will be limited in quantity and Bicycle Queensland makes no guarantee that charging facilities will be made available as and when a user wishes to use them during the designated hours.
  • Only the provided and approved charging facilities are to be used for charging of E-Bikes and use of power from any other outlet on event sites is not permitted under any circumstances.
  • Users are required to provide their own charging equipment – Bicycle Queensland will only supply a power source.
  • Charging will only be available for portable battery packs and not those batteries directly mounted on bicycles.
  • Users a required to pay $10 per 4-hour charge

Last updated: 20 July 2017

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