Bike maintenance workshops

Ever blown a tube when you’re 15ks from home and a long way from the nearest pub? We host Bike Maintenance Workshops throughout the year to ensure you know how to survive – register now and learn how to make your bike roadworthy.

We’ll teach you some easy and expert tricks for tuning your bike. It’ll play like a harmonica!

Basics Workshop

Our basics course covers five things to check every time you ride – brakes, tyres, wheels, gears and chain, as well as the essentials like how to fix a flat tyre, change a tube, repair a puncture, and tune your machine.

Intermediate Workshop

Our intermediate class covers chain and cassette removal, changing a gear cable, tuning your gears, and general wizardry.


Friday 9 August, 5.30pm – 7.30pm – USEFUL: Women on the Road: Skills and Knowledge Workshop



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