The Ride2School “HandsUp!” system is a key reporting tool used by schools registered in the National Ride2School program. It allows schools to track their progress and is a great way to measure and reward your school’s success.

How to use the HandsUp! system

  1. Join the Ride2School program, if your school is not already a part of the program
  2. Choose one day per month to complete a HandsUp! count
  3. On the day, ask students to put their hands up if they: rode, walked, scootered, caught public transport or were driven to school
  4. Record the results using a HandsUp! data collection sheet
  5. Log in to your school’s HandsUp! portal (or use the HandsUp! app) and enter the results of your survey

Download the HandsUp! count sheet to make your data collection easier.

HandsUp! allows schools to get the most value out of the program, be eligible for prizes and track their progress in their efforts to get more students active.

Benefits for your school

  1. HandsUp! allows your school to track it’s progress in getting more students riding, walking, and scootering more often.
  2. The reporting tables and charts can be used to communicate progress achievements to current and prospective parents.
  3. Track your C02 savings.
  4. Monthly monitoring can provide opportunity for students to manage and to take responsibility.
  5. HandsUp! surveys allow the Ride2School team to advocate for improved facilities around your school to support the riders and walkers. You can also present the data when applying for grants.
  6. Students see their peers putting their HandsUp! which helps create active travel as a social norm.
  7. Communicating achievements can help to build school community pride.
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