Ride 2 Work

Ride2Work is a national program that encourages workers to feel good and have fun by commuting to work by bike. Bicycle Queensland is excited to be part of a program that promotes the health, financial and environmental benefits of riding.

Each year, the program is bought into focus by national Ride2Work Day.

Why do it?

While Australia is stuck in peak hour, the Ride to Work Day program is helping Australian workers embrace an affordable, hassle and carbon emission free mode of transport. The free program assists those wanting to try riding to work as an alternative mode of transport which can ease the pressures of modern life.

You save money, your health and your peace of mind. You arrive to work energised, and arrive home unwound from the day.

Get involved

Ride2Work Day offers many opportunities for people to get involved by registering as:

  •   Ambassadors
  •   Community Breakfast hosts
  •   Workplace Coordinators (develop your own Ride to Work team)
  •   Individual participants
  •   Bike Buddies

Ride2Work Day creates an opportunity for first timers to give riding to work a go and for others to get back on the bike. Thousands of people, of all ages across Australia attend community and workplace breakfasts held in capital cities and regional areas to celebrate riding to work.

Participants are encouraged to register their ride on Ride2Work Day at no cost. This assists in understanding bike commuter behaviours and helps organisations like Bicycle Queensland campaign for better riding facilities to councils, local and state governments.

Find out more

  • For more information on National Ride2Work program please contact us
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