Tips for riding to work

Whether it’s taking part in Ride2Work Day, or through the urging of a work mate, or it’s just something you’ve always wanted to try because it looks like fun, riding a bike is a great way to get to work.

Here are some tips to make your first attempt at bike commuting more enjoyable.

Plan ahead

Plan the route. If you haven’t already sorted our your route to work, feel free to ask us for advice about managing the trade-off between safest, flattest and shortest routes to work. We suggest riding to your workplace on the weekend as a trial run.

Plan the logistics. Once you become a regular bike commuter, you will want to minimise the amount of gear you have to carry each day. Items like shoes, belts, and trousers (for men) can stay at work, or you can bring a whole week’s worth of work clothes to the office in one trip (perhaps on Sunday evening). Many women who ride to work ensure that they have items such as hairdryers or straighteners at work as well.

If your office has an End of Trip facility, there might be the possible of a laundry service, such as Fresh Locker, which operates in Brisbane’s CBD and inner-city.

Tips on how you can ride to work and emerge crease-free and presentable

Take your time

Riding to work doesn’t have to be a sprint. It can be an enjoyable spin, especially if your route include some of Brisbane’s many bikeways. Ride at a steady pace, which doesn’t put you out of breath and in a lather of sweat. Change gears early on any hills and spin up the hill in a low gear. If you ride along the busier bike routes such as the V1 or the Bicentennial Bikeway, there will be cyclists going quite fast. But you can go at your own speed!

Know your bike

You will enjoy bike riding much more if you can handle routine roadside maintenance tasks such as fixing a flat tyre. Bicycle Queensland runs regular maintenance workshops for members, or check out our YouTube series on bike maintenance by Bike Bestie.


Lots of people find travelling to work stressful or depressing. Riding your bike to work is such a great way to incorporate regular exercise into your day, that not only will you arrive at work alert and energised, but you will also have a smile on your dial. If by chance you do encounter a grumpy driver, respond with a smile and a wave. They are having a bad day, but you’re on a bike!

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