Bicycle security measures

With thanks to the Crime Prevention Unit of Queensland Police Service, here are some things you can do to stop your bicycle from being stolen.

Multi-unit buildings and apartments are high-risk, so remember to take extra care in securing your bike.

    1. Get the best lock, a D-Lock. The best locks are always hardened steel D-Locks. If you ride to the same destination on a regular basis (e.g. work), you might leave a D-Lock there, and have another one at home.
    2. Lock your bike to an immovable object, and make sure it cannot be lifted off.
    3. Lock as much of your bike as you can. Lock your back wheel and frame to a steel bike rack if possible. You can remove the front wheel and also lock it to the rack, or use a second lock to connect the front wheel to the frame.
    4. The tighter the lock fits around your bicycle, the less leverage a thief will have to break or compromise the lock.
    5. Remove accessories such lights, cycle computers, pumps etc.
    6. Make your bike less attractive to thieves, for instance by removing manufacturer’s decals.
    7. Take photos of your bicycle, record the serial number and provide to the police.
    8. Avoid leaving your bike for lengthy periods (e.g. overnight) in public areas.
    9. When at home, secure your bicycle behind secure gates or in a locked garage, or securely locked to an immovable object.
    10. Engrave your bicycle with an ID code (e.g. your initials and date of birth), and then contact your local police station to provide them with details. They will want to know your driver’s licence number, contact phone number, and will request photos of your bicycle, the serial number(s) and the engraved code.

If your bike is stolen, let the police know straight away, find out if you can get any CCTV footage from the location, and check sites like Gumtree online for any listings!

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