Bike security

Lock It Or Lose It!

Bicycle Queensland is constantly contacted by disappointed people who have lost their bicycles to theft. Good locks make a world of difference, as does making your bike clearly identifiable.

Follow these easy steps to keep your bike secure:

1. Lock Your bike securely

  • Use a heavy bike lock – a “D” style lock is definitely the best and simple way to prevent theft
  • Lock your frame and your front wheel to something that won’t move
  • If you have quick release wheels – use a second small cable lock to secure the other wheel to your frame
  • Leave your bike in an open, obvious place rather than a hidden, tucked-away spot
  • Lock your bike even in your yard or shed at home
  • Remove any valuable accessories (lights, Speedos, panniers).

2. Make your bike identifiable

  • If you are not fussy, paint the frame bright orange or yellow or polka-dots
  • Put stickers all over it, preferably reflective ones
  • Write your name, address and phone number on it with a permanent pen
  • Record you serial number (under the front chain rings)
  • The best form if ID is to use an engraver from your local police station to engrave your details and include the police-supplied message “WARNING: Police identified object”. Also, record your details on a Property Tracing form and leave it with your local station.

Further Info:

Visit the Queensland Government Transport and Main Roads Bike Security page for further tips, how to identify your bike and types of insurance.

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