Emergency Helmet & Wallet ID System


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The “HELMET ID” is a two part system that allows you to carry your essential I.D, medical details and a record of contacts for emergency services to call should you be involved in an accident. This information ensures you receive appropriate & fast medical assistance and also allows your loved ones / family to be quickly contacted and notified of your situation.

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Component 1:  The “HELMET ID” System – Reflective ID sleeve and warning decal is fixed to the exterior of your helmet using a strong, espicially formulated “Helmet Safe” adhesive. The waterproof ID card is stored within the ID pocket and is easily accessed by the paramedics without removing the riders helmet. The additional warning decal is fixed on the opposite side of the helmet to the “ID sleeve”. Both parts of our Helmet ID are highly reflective, being made using Scotchlite reflective material.

Component 2: The “WALLET CARD” – The system is supplied with a durable “wallet card” that like the helmet fixed ID sleeve, stores a note of your emergency information as a secondary back up to the helmet ID. Both sides of the card can be used to note down your information.

The system allows you to record any of the following lifesaving information:

1) Records of any medications you are taking
2)  A note of all allergies / medical conditions
3)  Details of your personal doctor and their contact info.
4)  Telephone numbers / mobile numbers of loved ones / family members that you would like to be contacted in an emergency
5)  Other info – both the Helmet ID & Wallet card allow you to store any additional information you would like to add and you feel would be useful to attending paramedics / first responders.


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