Alton Twine

Alton is a highly experienced former public servant with a long record of passionate and effective advocacy for cycling and sustainable transport. A previous member of the Australian Bicycle Council, he had substantial input into strategy, planning and implementation of cycling facilities and behaviour change programs at all levels of government delivering more bikeways, facilities and active travel programs. In 2009 he was awarded Cycling Professional of the Year. Alton’s vision is to position BQ at the forefront of advocacy for cycling, and to improve the offering for members across the State, reinvigorating membership, insurance and events, as well has having meaningful input on behalf of members into proposals and projects that benefit cyclists. 

Andrew Demack
Director of Advocacy

Andrew Demack, Bicycle Queensland’s Director of Advocacy, brings a wealth of skills to his role. With a background in journalism and event management, he effectively communicates the organisation’s mission. He’s a passionate cyclist who enjoys rugged bush trails and was instrumental in growing cyclocross in Queensland. Andrew’s dedication extends to managing community engagement and government relations statewide, advocating for cycling-friendly infrastructure. His commitment to cycling as a sustainable means of transportation and recreation makes him a valuable asset to Bicycle Queensland and the wider cycling community.

Jo Rowell
Business Manager

As the Business Manager at Bicycle Queensland (BQ), Jo plays a crucial role in steering the organisation towards sustainability and growth. With a strong focus on finances, budgeting, and compliance, Jo oversees insurance policies and manage audits.

Additionally, Jo is the lead for BQ’s Risk Management Policy and Risk Register, introducing a structured approach to risk assessment and opportunity identification. Jo plays a key role in driving the modernisation of BQ’s governance and legal structure, clarifying the transition from an Association Incorporated to a Company Limited by Guarantee.

With their dedication and expertise, Jo is instrumental in shaping BQ’s mission to promote cycling and well-being in Queensland.

Rhonda Clelland
Grants Officer

Rhonda has extensive expertise in program and project management in both local and state governments. Skilled in Government, Strategy Development, Program Management, Project Management, Procurement, Contract Management, Stakeholder Management and Capital Grants Management and Administration. Rhonda is experienced in managing projects in environmentally sensitive areas and traditional owner engagement.

Rhonda is committed to creating partnerships and new initiatives to get more people cycling through grant writing and project management.

Tim Bond
Social Media & Storyteller

Tim is a highly regarded professional in the world of communication. He’s driven by the art of connecting companies with consumers and finding creative solutions. Known for his proactive and energetic approach, Tim has extensive experience, which fuels his quest for innovative communication strategies.
As a copy-centric creative, Tim leverages the power of words and visuals to craft simple yet impactful ideas that break through the clutter of today’s media landscape. His impactful contributions to advertising and communications underscore his knack for seamlessly aligning brands with their target audiences through strategic planning and effective delivery.