What types of memberships do you have?
We have individual and household membership options, all available on an annual or monthly basis.
Four individual memberships are available:
·         Individual
·         Concession (must hold a valid concession card)
·         E-scooter (does not include rider insurance)
·         BQ Supporter (does not include insurance)
Two household memberships are available:
·         Household of 2
·         Household of 3 plus
How much does a BQ membership cost?
Current prices are available on the join page of our website.
How do I qualify for a Concession membership?
Individual Concession memberships are based on financial eligibility. You must hold a Centrelink card (Pension, Health Care), a DVA pension card, or a full-time student card. A Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card (issued by Centrelink) is accepted. A Seniors Card does not qualify for a Concession membership, as this is provided based on age and not financial circumstances.
Why is there no concession for a Household membership?
Our household memberships are substantially discounted. Approximate discounts are:
Household of 2 – 36% (compared to 2 Individual memberships)
Household of 3 plus – minimum of 50% (compared to 3 or more Individual memberships)
What is a BQ Supporter membership?
A BQ Supporter membership supports our advocacy and education work. Your membership provides us with a stronger voice to campaign for safer and more connected riding throughout Queensland, to make it a better state to ride in. Your support is vital to improve and encourage recreational riding and active transport, as we aim to have more people riding more often.
This is the perfect membership if you no longer ride a bike, have riding insurance elsewhere or if you don’t need riding insurance. Apart from insurance, you have access to all other benefits included in our other memberships – refer below!
How can I pay for membership?
We accept payment by Visa or Mastercard debit/credit card (online through the member portal or over the phone), cheque, money order, or in person at our office (cash or eftpos).
Do I receive a Member Card?
Yes, your membership card is available in the member portal and on your membership receipt.
In the future, the digital member card will be able to be added to a digital wallet. In the meantime, if you need to produce evidence of your BQ membership to a retailer to obtain a member discount, simply log into the member portal to show your member card, take a screen capture of your member card on your phone or show your membership renewal confirmation letter or receipt.
What is my member ID? I can’t find it.
Your member ID is located on your membership join and renewal emails and on your payment receipts. It will start with MBR or WMBR, followed by a series of 6 digits. If you’re unable to locate it, please contact or 07 3844 1144.
How do I log into the member portal?
Click here to access the member portal or click the Member Portal link at the top of our website.
Enter your member ID and surname. An email with a verification code will be sent to the email address we have in your member record. In the case of household memberships, the email will be sent to the primary member’s email address. Enter the code on the website to complete the log in process.
Please note: we recommend using a personal email address rather than a work or business email, as sometimes the verification code email is not released by email filters in a timely manner.
If you no longer have access to the email address in your member record, please call us on 07 3844 1144 so we can update this for you.
How do I update my details?
Your address, phone number and email address can be updated in the member portal via the update contact details link.
How do I renew my membership?
All members will receive an email to notify their membership is due for renewal one month prior to expiry.
All memberships paid for online will automatically renew, in accordance with our membership terms and conditions. If you prefer not to pay online, you’re welcome to renew over the phone, by post or in person at our office.
I’ve tried joining or renewing online and my payment is not being accepted. How can I pay online?
We accept Visa and Mastercard debit or credit cards only.
We have high security settings in our payment gateway, which requires the country in which the card was issued to match the country of the IP address you’re using.
Using a VPN may mean the country of your IP address is not Australia. Alternatively, if you’re overseas you may not be able to pay with a card issued in Australia.
In these cases, please call us 07 3844 1144 or email for assistance.
How do I change my membership option?
You can update your membership option at any time in the member portal.
Monthly memberships:
·         To change to an annual membership, click Renew Membership
·         To change to a different monthly membership, click Renew Monthly Membership
Annual memberships:
·         If you want your new membership option to commence from the start of your next renewal period, click Renew Membership or Renew Monthly Membership
·         If you want your new membership option to commence part way through your current membership, click Upgrade Membership
How do I update my debit/credit card details?
Changes can be made by logging into the member portal and renewing your membership. Payment will be processed immediately.
You’re also welcome to phone us on 07 3844 1144 (press 1 for membership) to provide updated payment details. Payment will be processed within 14 days prior to your membership expiring.
If your automatic renewal was unsuccessful, we will call you and send an email to advise how to update your payment details to ensure continuity of your membership and insurance coverage.
How secure are my personal details?
Bicycle Queensland is committed to keeping personal information securely and using it in accordance with our Privacy Policy. For more information please click here.
Membership Benefits
What benefits do I receive from BQ’s advocacy?
Bicycle Queensland has a 40-year track record of being involved in the development and implementation of major bikeway projects across the state. Bicycle Queensland’s advocacy played a role in development of Queensland’s Principal Cycle Network Plan, which guides the development of new bikeways.
We represent you on over 18 advisory groups, sitting alongside government and non-government officials to ensure active travel and recreational riding are kept high on the agenda.
We work alongside bicycle user groups and local advocates across the state for better outcomes for bike riders, including reviewing project designs and better working relationships with Councils and State Government.
We have successfully campaigned for separated riding infrastructure, for bikes and scooters being allowed on peak hour trains in the direction of peak hour traffic, and so much more!
We can also help you campaign for better riding outcomes in your local area.
More information is available at
How do I access the legal assistance?
Call us on 07 3844 1144 for an introduction and membership verification.
How do I access the incident debrief service?
This phone-based service is provided by OAS. To access this service please phone 1300 554 011 and provide your member ID.
How do I access the member discounts and offers?
All discount codes and unique links are available in the member portal.
I don’t live in Brisbane. What benefits will I receive as a member?
All members benefit from a BQ membership no matter where they live. We advocate for you throughout the state, cover you for riding insurance and provide educational resources. You have access to free legal advice, a free 24/7 incident debrief service, free tele mental health services and you can access a range of discounts and offers through the member portal.
What does the insurance cover provide?
You are covered globally for personal accidents, public liability (excluding USA and Canada) and income protection.
Am I covered for insurance purposes when I’m not riding on the road?
Yes, you are covered wherever you ride, including paths, trails, roads, and whenever you ride, such as commuting, social rides, and events (except racing).
Am I covered while I’m racing?
No, the insurance that is part of BQ’s memberships does not cover you while riding in timed racing events. This includes road, track, mtb, cyclocross and bmx races – and Tour de Brisbane. You will be covered in un-timed mass participation events, e.g. events organised by BQ
Will my family be covered by insurance?
We have household memberships that will cover family members residing at your address if they are included in your household membership. You can also have an additional 2 unrelated people included in your household membership, as long as they live with you. Household members must reside at your address at least 50% of the time; boarding school students excepted if they would normally live at the address if they weren’t attending boarding school.
What specifically can I claim for if I have an accident?
Non-Medicare medical expenses, loss of income, death and permanent injuries and other benefits. Refer to our Summary of Cover document at
How come I can’t claim expenses with charges covered by Medicare?
The Health Insurance Act (Cth) 1973 does not permit any insurance provider to reimburse you for any charges covered by Medicare (including the Medicare Gap). This means charges for treatment from a doctor, surgeon, anaesthetist or surgeon’s assistant are not covered. X-rays and some MRI scans (if Medicare registered) and public hospital charges are also not covered.
I have private health insurance. Why do I need insurance with BQ?
If you have private health insurance you can claim the out-of-pocket expense, i.e. the portion not covered by your private health fund. For example, if you have hospital fees of $1000 and your private health fund covers $600, the BQ insurance will cover the remaining $400.
Am I covered when riding my mountain bike or an e-bike?
Yes, you are covered when you ride any bike that fits the definition of a bicycle under Queensland law. This includes mountain bikes, e-bikes, tricycles, and tandems. The definition of a bicycle is in Schedule 4 of the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995.
Am I covered when riding my scooter?
You are not covered if you have an accident while using your scooter, skateboard or other rideable and personal mobility device. Personal accident and public liability insurance is available in our E-scooter membership or as an add-on to our Individual and Concession memberships.
My scooter can reach speeds of over 25 km/hr. Does the e-scooter membership add-on still cover me?
Yes, the e-scooter membership will cover you if it meets the rules and is being ridden in accordance with the law in your state or territory. Refer to the Queensland Government website for details applicable in Queensland.
I no longer live in Queensland. Will my BQ membership still cover me for insurance?
Yes! Our bike riding insurance covers you no matter where you live. If purchased, the e-scooter public liability insurance will cover you anywhere in Australia as long as you adhere to the rules applicable in the state or territory in which you’re riding.
Am I covered while riding a bike overseas?
Yes! You’re covered for personal accident expenses while riding anywhere overseas, as well as public liability worldwide (except the USA and Canada).
Is my bike or other property covered if I have an accident?
Your bike and other property are not covered by the insurance that is part of your BQ membership. If you’re not at fault, we can put you in touch with the Cycle Law team for assistance in recovering the cost of repair or replacing your property.
What insurance excesses apply?
Personal accidents: $50 per injury (or nil excess if you have private health insurance)
Third party insurance: $1000
What do I do if I am involved in an accident?
·         If a third party is involved, do not admit liability, and obtain their details if possible
·         Lodge a police report if required – this can be done online
·         If police are in attendance, obtain the police report reference number
·         If you would like to make a claim, or unsure if you need to make a claim, call us on 07 3844 1144 or email
How do I make an insurance claim?
Call us on 07 3844 1144 or email We will verify your membership and refer you in the first instance to Cycle Law for a quick discussion around the circumstances of your accident, and they will then provide you with a claim form. For specific policy queries contact our insurance broker, V-Insurance Group, on 1300 945 547 or
If you have private health insurance, you should make a claim through that policy first, and then lodge a claim through the BQ insurance for your out-of-pocket expenses.
How can I donate to Bicycle Queensland?
Donations can be made at the time of joining or renewing your membership online.
If renewing by cheque or money order, you’re welcome to include a donation in addition to your membership amount.
If you renew over the phone, please let us know you would like to make a donation.
A donation can also be made at any time via our online shop. Please click here to donate.
How can I leave a bequest to Bicycle Queensland?
All gifts are greatly appreciated and often a gift by will to Bicycle Queensland may be one of the largest gifts the organisation receives.
A gift in your will may be a specific gift (e.g. a sum of money or a particular asset such as shares, property, artwork etc) or a gift of residue (e.g. the balance of your estate after all estate liabilities have been paid).
We recommend you seek assistance from your solicitor with the preparation of a will to ensure your wishes can be achieved and to ensure the appropriate wording to leave a gift to Bicycle Queensland is included.
Click here for more information.