E-scooter Battery Care

With e-scooter ownership surging across the country, it’s important to know your device and how to reduce the risk of a fire occurring. We spoke to the team at Scooter Bro’s about the main issues they see, what you can do to minimise your risk and their top tips for battery maintenance.

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Issues in the market 
  • The main issues we see are scooters being charged with the wrong voltage charger or fires being caused by water damage to scooters without appropriate waterproofing
  • We have also seen many scooters with charge ports replaced in an unsafe manner that would present either a battery fire or electrical fire risk.
How to minimise the risk of a battery fire 
  • Scooters and other PMDs should only be charged while you are in attendance or available, so you can act if anything goes wrong
  • When charging, make sure to only use the charger supplied with the unit. If you have an additional charger, it MUST be the same voltage and wattage as the original
  • Keep a powder fire extinguisher and fire blanket near your charging location 
  • If a scooter begins turning off unexpectedly or not charging for very long in comparison to previous charging cycles then you need to put the scooter aside and have it assessed. By the same token if a scooter does not charge at all, this can also be a sign of a fire risk and it will need an assessment
  • Covers for battery charging ports are very important. If charging ports are left open to the elements you can end up with corrosion and issues with charging and balancing the battery pack, and in extreme cases short circuits and fires.
Tips for good maintenance of batteries and scooters
  • It’s important to balance the battery on a regular basis. This means you will need to leave the scooter on the charger for an hour or two after the charger has turned green, as the battery management system will then balance the groups of cells inside
  • When plugging the scooter in to charge, make sure to plug the charger into the wall first and then into the scooter
  • Check the tyre pressure on the scooter regularly – if commuting daily we recommend checking at least once a week.
Why people should buy from trusted retailers
  • Trusted retailers are actual users of scooters and other PMDs and not just a salesperson
  • Trusted retailers will be able to give you accurate and realistic expectations about the capabilities of the unit and not just the specifications
  • Retailers can ensure you do not end up with a scooter that does not suit your needs
  • Easy access to after sales service and servicing will ensure you are confident in your device and it’s working correctly.

Thank you to our BQLINK retail partner Scooter Bro’s for providing these fantastic insights. If you’re looking for a trusted and reliable scooter retailer, pop in and see the team at Scooter Bro’s in East Brisbane!

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