Henty Wingman Backpack 6 Month Review

This well thought through commuter backpack has all bells and whistles to help you arrive at work without crinkled clothes. After using a standard triathlon backpack on my commute for the last ten years or so I had to rely on driving into work to get my work clothes to the office if I wanted them to remain crinkle-free. 

Sometimes I might roll up a shirt and pants or stuff some shoes into my backpack, but I always ran the risk of looking like I got my shirts out of my kids’ toy box.

Even when full, the bag is very comfortable. The hip belt and chest strap stop the bag from bouncing up and down, although all the straps are a bit ‘flappy’ when travelling at speed. I have never had it bang into my helmet as is sometimes the case with larger commuter bags.

Henty Wingman Bag
Henty Wingman Bag
After 6 months of use

After using the wingman backpack regularly for the last few months, I am happy with its function. The cylindrical shape means you can roll up all your work clothes and all the clips and Velcro straps hold everything in place on the ride in. The 18L inner tube (dry bag), which clips nicely inside the suit compartment, holds all my other items like my shoes and lunchbox. There’s a padded compartment at the top of the suit bag for my laptop and the zip pockets have covers for inclement weather. I’ve ridden in pounding Queensland rain with a full bag, and nothing was wet on the inside. Usually, if it rains I will cover my backpack in a garbage bag and this looks a bit ridiculous. I also found that the inner tube works well on the return commute when you are only carrying a couple of items. There’s even an additional strap with a clip that keeps the inner tube from sliding around your body.


– Three shirts stay flat and crinkle-free

– 18L inner tube works well on the way home

– Plenty of space for all your daily office needs

– Weatherproof

– Recycled plastics

– Comfortable


– It takes some time to pack neatly (you can’t just throw everything in)

– When packing the bag, it takes up space

– Straps and clips that can flap around


It’s a well-made, sophisticated backpack for office-bound commuters. If you are in the market for a bag to commute to the office, check this one out!

Check out the bag here: Henty Wingman Backpack

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