Coronavirus Q&A for Cyclists

It is all of our responsibility to try to avoid spreading this virus to protect the most vulnerable in our community. The team at BQ also advises members to invest more time in their route planning and select connections which minimise risk when cycling – even if this results in an indirect route to the one you would normally take. Now is not the time to be placing more pressure on our health service with accidents or taking unnecessary risk that could be avoided with better planning. 

Below are some of the commonly asked questions the BQ team are receiving on a daily basis.

*All information and commentary is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of publishing. 

1.  Is it OK to go for a ride with my children?

Yes, assuming you are all well, not self-isolating (because of symptoms such as a cough or fever) and live in the same household.

You must apply social distancing and hygiene precautions (see below).

2.  Can I ride with my friend if we don’t live in the same household?

No. You should only be riding with people who live in the same household. This is because either of you maybe infected, but are yet to show any signs of symptoms of the COVID-19.

3.  Can I cycle to work?

If your workplace is still open, cycling is a safe passage to work. It is a healthy alternative to public transport and facilities daily exercise which is great for your general wellbeing. 

4.  I am a cyclist in self-isolation with no symptoms. Can I go for a ride?

Maybe! If you have returned from overseas, you would have received specific instructions about what is required of you. And that means, no, you can’t leave your house/backyard.

But, if your self-isolation is for another reason, such as being a member of an ‘at-risk’ group, then its a cautious yes. 

You however must adhere to social distancing guidelines (of at least 2m from other people) and avoid visiting public places like cafes, public toilets and rest stops.

You should follow the additional hygiene precautions and carry tissues or wipes and dispose of them correctly in a bin upon your return home.  Ensure you wash your gloves, water bottle and hands post ride and avoid touching your face. If bikes are being shared amongst riders, all contact points should also be wiped cleaned before use.

5.  I am a cyclist in self isolation with symptoms. Can I go for a ride?


6.  I am over 70 years of age, in good health, with no symptoms, can I go for a ride?

Yes. You must however adhere to the social distancing guidelines, not ride with anyone outside your household and follow the hygiene precautions.

7.  What is the difference between self-isolation and social distancing?

Self-isolation refers to:

  • Not going to work, school or public places.
  • Staying home as much as possible.
  • Not using public transport.
  • Not allowing visitors in your home.

Social distancing refers to:

  • Keeping in touch with family, friends and work colleagues via phone, internet or social media. 
  • Avoiding social gatherings in public places.
  • Avoid non-essential travel via public transport.
  • Avoid contact with someone who shows symptoms of a cough or fever.
  • Working from home where possible.
  • When in a small group situation, remaining 2m apart.

8.  Can I visit the Bicycle Queensland office?

No.  We are trying to limit unnecessary person-to-person contact and potential transmission incidents, so our office is closed to visitors.  Please contact us via email and telephone instead.


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