Learn the Basics

Bicycle Queensland’s Bike Basics education series, found on Bicycle Queensland’s YouTube channel, is aimed at helping new or existing riders stay confident and comfortable on the bike. Each video allows you to learn at your own pace and replay as needed before completing the quiz found in the video description. After passing the quiz respondents receive a certificate recognising their efforts. These should be collected over the five weeks to certify that participants have successfully completed the Bike Basics series.

Part 1: Helmet Fitting and safety

In this video we cover the key features of the perfect helmet fit. We also identify how to purchase the right helmet for you and some of the features of new helmet technology.

The quiz aims to test the participants knowledge on helmet fitting and technology. After the quiz participants should be able to remember how to fit a helmet safely and recognise the key safety features of certified helmets in Australia.

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Part 2: The ABC Bike Check

In Part 2 we demonstrate the ABC Bike Check. This outlines the fast, safe way to check your bike before a ride.

Bike Basics quiz number two tests participant’s knowledge of the bike check. After completing the quiz, participants should be able to recognise when a bike is not safe to ride, identify what to do if a component is not safe and prepare for a ride in the safest way.

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Part 3: What to Wear & How to Prepare

In this installment of Bike Basics we’re looking at what to wear on your bike. We also include a section about lights to keep you safe in low light conditions.

As always we have created a quiz to test your knowledge & after completion you will have learnt about the safest, most comfortable and more visible clothing to wear for your first few rides. Click on the link below to complete the quiz and get your certificate of completion! Share it with your family and friends to see who comes out on top in Bicycle Queensland’s Bike Basics series.

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Part 4: Planning Your Ride

This week we explain how to plan for your ride and where you can go to plan your route. As always, remember to do the quiz after this instalment to review what you need to know to plan your ride. Take the quiz by clicking on the link below.

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Part 5: Safety & Etiquette

Path etiquette is a critical part of feeling safe and comfortable when riding. In this video, you’ll learn about hand signals, how to pass safely and benefits of a Bicycle Queensland membership. Complete the final quiz below.

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