Rider Essentials

Here at BQ we understand that each style of riding differs, and this impacts what you will pack for when heading out for a spin. We also understand the pain of getting a flat tyre 10km from home and realising you didn’t pack one! That’s why we’ve created the following handy guides for what to pack next time you’re out riding.

Essentials for all Riders

  • AUS/NZ (2063) standard helmet
  • Pump or CO2 canisters
  • Puncture repair kit & or spare tube(s)
  • Multi-tool & tyre levers
  • Bike Lights
  • Sun protection
  • Water (1 bottle each minimum)
  • Healthy snacks (something that won’t get squished!)
  • Wallet, phone and keys
  • Medication (if necessary)
  • Emergency details or rider ID

Photo Source: Bike Exchange

Essentials for Mountain Bike Riders

(CamelBak Edition)

Queensland riders love a mtb backpack. They fit everything you could need for a 30min-5 hour adventure and are very handy if your bike doesn’t fit a water bottle cage.

  • Multi-tool (with a chain breaker)
  • Plug kit such as DynaPlug (if running tubeless)
  • Spare tube
  • Tyre levers
  • Pump or CO2 Canisters
  • Small first aid kit
  • Chain quick link (specific to your chain)
  • Derailleur hanger (optional)
  • Zip ties (for trailside repairs)
  • Insect repellent
  • Snacks (banana, muesli bars, whatever fuels your ride)

Photo Source: The pros closet


Make sure your water bladder is closed properly to ensure no water leaks out. This is a common blunder made when trying to get out on the trails too quickly! We recommend taking at least 1.5-2L of water for any ride over 1 hour, but we also recommend listening to your body.

Essentials for Road Riders

While road riders can obviously don a backpack or equivalent, most prefer to ride light, packing the essentials in jersey pockets, saddle bag or bidon. Here are our suggestions:

  • Small sunscreen & lip protection
  • Water (electrolyte drink for longer rides)
  • Waterproof sandwich bag or similar (protect your phone/food/wallet in bad weather)
  • Snacks (Fruit, bars, gels)


Always make sure you inform someone where you will be riding & when you expect to return. This is especially important if riding alone & in areas with little to no phone reception.

Essentials for Family Rides

The trusty backpack – every family has one, but do you know what to pack in it before heading out for a ride? We’ve got you covered with the list below.

  • Water bottles for EVERY rider
  • Versatile snacks (We recommend muesli bars, bananas, dates, sultanas and home-made baking)
  • Small first aid kit – safety first!
  • Picnic rug for relaxing when you’ve arrived at your destination


If heading out around lunch time, pack some homemade sandwiches in a hard container/Tupperware. This makes things easier when travelling as a family & nothing beats a good old sandwich!.