Mareeba to Atherton

Mareeba to Atherton
Route length: 33km
Difficulty: easy.
Trail surface: Varies from good quality gravel, to unmaintained sections near Mareeba.
Suitable for: the Walkamin to Atherton section is suitable for everyone. Walkamin to Mareeba is a bit more adventurous.

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Closer to heaven than where you come from

The Atherton Tablelands is pretty close to heaven for all types of bike riding.

There are great mountain bike trails (see elsewhere in this very guide), and there’s also plenty of good road cycling as well.

For most rides on the Tablelands it pays to be well prepared with climbing gears on your bike … there are plenty of hills. No local bike rider is going to agree with the idea that the Tablelands is flat.

But if you are looking for a flatter (not flat) ride, then a rail trail is always a good place to look.

The Atherton Tablelands Rail Trail at present runs officially from Walkamin to Atherton. We have listed the route from Mareeba, which doubles the length of the trail. This is section is informal only … you won’t get lost because a rail formation is pretty easy to follow, but there’s no signage or rail trail facilities.

Mareeba is 400 metres above sea level and Atherton is almost 800 metres. So plan your rides with this knowledge in mind. If you are doing this ride point-to-point we definitely recommend starting in Atherton.

But if this will be an out-and-back loop, make Atherton your halfway stop, and finish with the gentle downhill section back to your starting point.

Mareeba to Atherton

What’s in the area?

FOOD: Mareeba is the coffee-growing capital of Australia. And Coffee Works is a great visit for anyone who likes coffee. We’ve heard there are two types of bike riders, those who like coffee and those who are addicted to coffee.

THINGS TO DO: Don’t go chasing waterfalls, or if you’re on the Atherton Tablelands, do go chasing waterfalls, because they are amazing.

BIKE SHOP:  There are a couple of options in Atherton: Northern Bikes and The Bicycle Workshop Atherton.

AMENITIES: Locations of toilets and water are listed on the RideWithGPS map for this ride.

ACCOMMODATION: Plenty to choose from here.

Atherton Forest Tablelands

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