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Bicycle Queensland Celebrates Success of Boyne Burnett Inland Rail Trail Event

From May 3rd to 6th 2024, Bicycle Queensland, assisted through funding from the Queensland State Government, were proud to assist the Boyne Burnett Inland Rail Trail Association (BBIRT) in the successful running of the inaugural Boyne Burnett Inland Rail Trail Weekend.  The event saw an impressive turnout of riding enthusiasts from across Queensland and New South Wales, coming together to celebrate their passion for cycling and exploration on the Dawes Range Tunnels section of the BBIRT (Barrimoon to Builyan).

Photo from the Boyne Burnett Inland Rail Trail Weekend 2024, supported by Bicycle Queensland. Photo by Element Photo and Video Productions.

The Boyne Burnett Inland Rail Trail event offered participants an unforgettable experience filled with camaraderie, scenic vistas, and thrilling challenges. The event had it all, with a dash of rain keeping the temperatures ideal, and adding a challenge element with some wet conditions. Riders embarked on a variety of rides through picturesque landscapes, traversing the diverse terrain of the rail trail -including the iconic Dawes Range tunnels. Evenings were spent being well fed and entertained with live music, all while camping under the wide Queensland night sky.

Photo from the Boyne Burnett Inland Rail Trail Weekend 2024, supported by Bicycle Queensland. Photo by Element Photo and Video Productions.

One participant expressed their delight, stating, “Meeting other like-minded people and riding with others in a group while soaking in the fabulous scenery made this event truly special.”

Another attendee shared their enthusiasm, remarking, “The riding, the challenges of the culverts, the venue, food, and drinks – it was all superb. This event brought together a great mixture of riders and bikes, creating an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.”

Photo from the Boyne Burnett Inland Rail Trail Weekend 2024, supported by Bicycle Queensland. Photo by Element Photo and Video Productions.

Each day had planned rides that let riders explore the old rail corridor and the sights it took in, and of course some of the historic infrastructure along the way. With ride leaders on hand, attendees were able to lean on their knowledge of the area and the rail corridor.

The Honourable Glenn Butcher, Member for Gladstone, was in attendance, and clearly impressed by the experience.

“The Boyne Burnett Inland Rail Trail has been one of the pinnacle projects that we have done in the region, utilising an old rail track which was ripped up a number of years ago now, to turn it into what I believe is one of the best rail trails not only here in Queensland, but in Australia.”

“I’m looking forward to what we can do in this part of the world. I’d like to see this end up as Australia’s longest rail trail. From Gladstone all the way through heading south.”

Hon. Glenn Butcher shakes hands with Bicycle Queensland CEO Alton Twine. Photo by Element Photo and Video Productions.

The BQ Team were in attendance for the weekend, comprising CEO Alton Twine, Advocacy Director Andrew Demack and Grants and Sponsorship Officer Paul Dalitz.

“This weekend has been a great success, in no small part due to the hard work from the Boyne Burnett Inland Rail Trail Association,” said Alton Twine after the weekend. “The weather threw up some extra challenges, but I think the turn out and positive event experience has illustrated just how popular this sort of infrastructure is. I’m certain the enthusiasm around the BBIRT will continue to grow from here.”

Andrew Demack was impressed by the turn out – but not surprised.

“Bike riders love rail trails because they are removed from traffic. Any time a rail trail is developed – riders will come. The bike riders who visit rail trails are committed travellers, they will spend time in the region and visit local businesses. As such, rail trails are an essential tool for economic revitalisation.”

“Bicycle Queensland are thrilled to have partnered with the Boyne Burnett Inland Rail Trail Association, and we look forward to working with them again soon.”

Andrew Demack runs a bike maintenance basics workshop during the BBIRT weeekend. Photo by Element Photo and Video Productions.

Gladstone Regional Council Mayor, Matt Burnett, had the honour of opening the event on Friday night and was thoroughly impressed by the overwhelming turnout of participants and the dedication from the volunteers to make the event a success. Mayor Burnett commended the organisers for their efforts in bringing together such a vibrant and inclusive event, emphasising the importance of initiatives like these events in promoting the Boyne Burnett Inland Rail Trail.

Bicycle Queensland extends its heartfelt gratitude to all participants, volunteers, and supporters who contributed to the success of the Boyne Burnett Inland Rail Trail event. Their passion and dedication have played a pivotal role in fostering a vibrant cycling community and showcasing the beauty of Queensland’s landscapes.

With our eyes now set to 2025, we will carry on working with the Boyne Burnett Inland Rail Trail Association to deliver another fantastic event experience on the iconic rail corridor in early May, 2025. Make sure you’re signed up to our newsletters for all updates, or follow us on social media:

Photo from the Boyne Burnett Inland Rail Trail Weekend 2024, supported by Bicycle Queensland. Photo by Element Photo and Video Productions.
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Bridges section of Boyne-Burnett Inland Rail Trail opens

Opening of the Mt Debatebale to Mundubbera rail trail.

The Boyne-Burnett Inland Rail Trail (BBIRT) is a great success story of grassroots actions by communities a long way away from the seat of power. Last weekend a second section was officially opened, 30km of trail from Mt Debateable to Mundubbera.

This is the “Bridges” section of the BBIRT, as the rail corridor runs beside the mighty Burnett River, and crosses the many creeks feeding the river as they run off Mt Gayndah and the Binjour Plateau. The bridges which cross these creeks are listed by Engineers Australia as being of heritage significance.

Unfortunately floods have seen off two of these bridges, Reid Creek and Philpott, making it difficult for the rail trail to run along the corridor the entire distance from Gayndah to Mundubbera. At present, the trail starts 10km out of town in Mt Debateable siding, as the Reid Creek crossing prevents the trail from connecting into Gayndah. However, there is a detour around the site, where the bridge across Philpott Creek once was, adding a few kilometres to the journey.

Like many Queensland rail trails, this is an adventure experience. There are sandy sections, bumpy sections, and a few steep pinches out of gullies. The trail is best suited to a mountain bike (e-mtb is becoming popular too).

But for the adventurous who attempt the Bridges section of the BBIRT, you are rewarded with great views, and several plaques marking historical sites of interest.

Packs and Pedals’ runs a shuttle service on the BBIRT, and they can help you explore either the Bridges section or the Tunnels section from Kalpowar to Ubobo in the Boyne Valley.